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Management Services

All of the varied properties that Home Real Estate & Development Company, Inc. manages across greater Philadelphia showcase our strong commitment to superior upkeep and maintenance.

iStock_000010597815Small copyWe don’t want our clients settling for homes or investments that are shoddy or inadequate. Our 60-year history of property management in Philly means we have the skills and the connections to efficiently perform all the maintenance necessary to keep our holdings in excellent, long-lasting condition.

As a tenant in a Home Real Estate & Development Company, Inc. property, you should feel confident that alerting us to a maintenance request will mean speedy and fully engaged service. The area vendors we team with to fulfill upkeep and repair jobs are as skillful and as reliable as they come.

Here at Home Real Estate & Development Company, Inc., we’re very proud of our legacy of first-rate property management in greater Philadelphia. We look forward to extending that legacy to you!