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Are you searching for a fine residential rental in the Philadelphia metropolitan area? You can make your search a whole lot quicker—and a lot more satisfying—by letting Home Real Estate & Development Company, Inc. link you with one of our prime properties.

iStock_000010879548_Small copyAs you’ll soon discover by browsing through our current vacancies, our broad inventory covers a wide range of property types and locations. We have apartments and rental homes in many different neighborhoods, so it’s likely there’s a promising option—or multiple ones—for your particular situation.

Remember, you can always connect with us directly to share what you’re looking for in a home. We enjoy interacting with our tenants, and we’re not satisfied until you’ve found just the right spot for you.

The way we do business is simple and straightforward: We’re honest, upfront, and neighborly in all of our client interactions. You can put your trust in Home Real Estate & Development Company, Inc. After all, any company doesn’t last for 60 years (as we have) without being dependably dedicated to the well-being of its customers.